Dusk Time Lapse of highway 26

Found a parking structure where I could get a good shot of cars and clouds from a higher vantage point.

Backyard 360 of stars

Just messing around this time with two motors (linear + radial)... The radial motion turned out to be too much and over powered the linear motion. I'll try again when I get some more free time.

47th & Halsey Time Lapse

This was an attempt to get the sun setting over the road way with cars zooming by. However the sun did not quite make it into center frame. Still fun to see all the cars zipping by.

360 Time Lapse First Shots

Using a 3D printer I was able to develop another extension to my time lapse controller that I have been working on over the past year. This new module allows for 360 degree rotation. Eventually I plan on combining this with my rail slide for more unique shots.

360 Night Time Lapse

Finished another modification to my time lapse system that allows for 360 rotation. Just need to tweak a few settings to make it have less rotation step between shots.

Burnside Pan

Burnside Zoom

Messed up the motor settings a little and had to lose half the frames. Still came out pretty good. Check out the time lapse of the time lapse being made......

Mt Tabor Sunset

Night Clouds

Took this after work just for fun... forgot to turn off auto focus.

2012 4th of July Time Lapse

Here is a quick recap of Portland Oregon's 4th of July. Taken using my home made time lapse rail slide.

Time Lapse Test Burnside Bridge

I have been creating a rail slide for creating motion controlled time lapse videos.

This shot was taken near the Burnside bridge in Portland Oregon facing west.

1.6 sec. exposure time, ISO 200, 2 second delay between shots.

The two second delay may be to long.

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